The Seychelles Petroleum Project

The expansion project for the Seychelles Petroleum Company consists of:

A new tank farm at the New Port Depot consisting of six vertical storage tanks of capacity between 3300 and 6000 cubic metre and one water storage tank of capacity of 1200 cubic metre.

Four LPG bullets of 250 cubic metres each.

Two pumphouses, one of six pumps for bunkering and the second of two pumps to supply jet fuel to the Airport.

An eight kilometre pipeline to the Airport including three bridge crossings on piles and one underwater crossing. The pipeline has pig launching and receiving facilities and is designed for pinging.

Fire protection installation at the new tank farm consisting of water storage tank, diesel pumpsets, pipelines, oscillating monitors, hydrants, deluge and foam systems. The system is semi-automatic with heat and flame detectors and corresponding control gear, cabling and piping.

Fire protection installation for the following existing depots: The old tank farm at the New Port Depot, the St. Anne Island Tank Farm, the Airport Depot and the new tank farm at Praslin.

Additional storage tank of 6600 cubic metre capacity at St. Anne Island.